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Frequently Asked Questions

Availability of aricles || order process || returns & complaints || shipping || online account || vouchers || information about kit varieties || e-mobility

Availability of articles

  1. Is my desired article on stock?
    You can see on the product page whether the product is available from stock. If the traffic light is green, the article is in stock and the delivery time is stated right next to the light. At a light green traffic light the article is not yet in stock, but we expect it soon (the delivery time stands next to it.). A grey light indicates that this item is not in stock and must be back-ordered.

  2. What can I do when my product is not available?
    You can order all products with a cart button in our onlineshop. However, you can also sign up for a reminder when your product is in stock. As soon as the article is available we will send you a reminder mail.
    Erinnerungs-Mail Produkt lagernd

  3. How can I pick up my desired article in a stationary store while ordering online?
    In the field "Availability/Dispatch Warehouse", you can choose between our shipping warehouse, or Store Deutschlandsberg.

Order process

  1. What happens after I made my order?
    You will receive an automatic confirmation mail immediately after receipt of your order. This contains all the important parameters of your order, as well as important information on the delivery, acceptance and return. Please read this carefully, in order to familiarize yourself with your rights in case of complaints or withdrawal.
  2. How can I cancel an order?
    You can withdraw from your contract any time within 14 days from the date of receiving the product. Please send a mail to ruecktritt@der-schweighofer.at or use our form of withdrawal and send us the product back.
  3. How can I change my order?
    Please note that merging and exchanging orders or similar changes are not possible.
    The ordering process is completely automated - in order to continue to offer a fast and reliable delivery service, we are not able to intervene in this automatic process.
    If you have any questions regarding the cancellation of individual items or the possibility of partial deliveries, please contact our customer service.
  4. Do I have to state my telephone number?
    You do not have to fill out this field in the order process, but you can help us to offer you a reliable and fast service. Your telephone number will only be used for urgent questions and will not be transferred to third parties.
  5. How can I change my invoice address while ordering?
    Should your invoice address alter from your delivery adddress or you wish to add a new billing address, you can do that at step two "Payment". Click on "Enter an alternative billing address". Then a form for your changing address will open.

    Change billing address

Returns and Complaints

  1. Who bears the costs of a return?
    You bear the immediate cost of return. For more details on the expiration of the complaint, see Returns.
  2. What do I have to consider during a return or replacement?
    Please report any return to us in writing. You can use the return form, but do not have to. In order to grant your right to change or exchange, we ask for a proper packing of the goods. You will find all necessary steps for return delivery under Returns.
  3. How will I get my money back?
    When exercising the right of withdrawal, you will receive the full purchase price on the same way as you have paid your order, unless you wish a different form. In that case, please write us an e-mail to buchhaltung@der-schweighofer.at.
  4. What to do if the package arrives damaged?
    In the case of obvious damage caused while delivering, you must immediately notify the package supplier or refuse acceptance. We can not accept a later complaint regarding a delivery damage.
  5. What to do if an article is damaged?
    Please inform us by writing an e-mail to reklamation@der-schweighofer.at with a detailed desciption of the defect and if possible with pictures attached.
    Only when we or the manufacturer decide whether the item is faulty and a repair is reasonable or possible, you can send us the article for treatment. This process is designed to help you avoid unnecessary shipping costs if your item is not defective. You can find more details and the process of returns and complaints under Returns.


  1. To which countries do you deliver?
    We deliver worldwide.
    The shipping costs and delivery methods vary by country. All details regarding our delivery conditions can be found under shipping.
  2. How can I choose between a whole or partial delivery?
    If a part of your order is not yet available, it can be possible to make a partial delivery. If you would like to receive the items which are in stock immediately, please let us know by mail or telephone. We will take a closer look at your order and will let you know if we can offer a free partial delivery.
  3. Why does my order get divided into several deliveries?
    If your order consists only partly of immediately available items, we decide in some situations to send you the stored goods immediately and to deliver the goods, on whose arrival we are still waiting, later.
    We offer this decision as a free service for our customers - there are no additional delivery costs for you.
    Should you insist nevertheless on a complete delivery, please let us know in the ordering process.

Online account

  1. What are the benefits of an online account?
    Security: Your data is securely encrypted with your chosen password. Only you can see them.
    Storage of addresses: All your selected shipping and invoice addresses are stored as soon as you use them during an order or enter them yourself in your account. This means that you do not have to fill out everything at a new order again.
    Overview of your orders: You can check the status of each of your orders as well as your invoices at any time in your profile.
    Change your data: You can change or update your personal data and addresses at any time.
  2. Do I need an account to order online?
    No, you can as well order without being logged in. In this case, just click on "checkout" in your shopping cart and then choose "order as a guest". Your data like name, address, e-mail, desired payment and shipping method will not be saved online, but only used for a single order.
  3. How can I change my e-mail address?
    You can update your e-mail by yourself. We use your address for sending out order/payment confirmations and is also your log in data.



  1. How long is my voucher valid?
    For vouchers, we distinguish between two types: the purchased gift cards and our promotional vouchers or promo codes.
    Our gift cards can be redeemed at any time. They are not subject to any conditions and can be redeemed online or in one of our stationary shops. A combination of several value vouchers is, of course, also possible.
    The promotional vouchers or promo codes are subject to certain conditions, the fulfillment of which is a prerequisite for their validity. This may include the following parameters: date of the order, shopping basket value, combination with other vouchers or articles, restriction to a certain article or a certain group of articles, etc.
    A prerequisite for the validity of this promotional voucher is also the entry in the field provided for an online order (look below to see how you can redeem a code). We can not accept these vouchers by phone or in our stationary shops, they are exclusively reserved for our online customers.
  2. How do I redeem a voucher code?
    Fill in the code during in the checkout at step 2 "Payment":
    Redeem Voucher

    If your voucher code does not get recognised, there is an error regarding the requirements of its validity or the code itself is wrong. If you have problems redeeming you code, please contact us via mail or phone: +43 3462 2541 100.


Kit varieties

Due to the many different views of our manufacturers, we have tried to introduce a uniform system for us, as far as the definition of the kit design for the individual RC products is concerned. This description does not necessarily have to coincide with the definition on the manufacturer's pages, since different approaches are often used for the definitions. For example, an ARTF (Almost Ready-to-Fly) is named so by us when it has a built-in or enclosed drive and / or servos.

  1. Kit
    is a model for real model builders. The ist ein Modell für echte Modellbauer. The prefabricated wooden parts are usually punched and lasered. Real assembly and craftsmanship on the model is clearly the focus of kits.
  2. ARC (Almost Ready To Cover)
    The wings, trunk and trusses are not covered or unpainted.
  3. ARC-KIT (Almost Ready To Cover)
    Similar to the ARC-models. Here, in some cases, installation work for frames etc. is necessary.
  4. ARF-KIT (Almost Ready Fly Kit)
    ist ein vorgefertigtes Bausatzmodell bei dem die Oberflächen bereits nahezu fertiggestellt sind. Flächen sind bespannt oder lackiert, Rumpf eingefärbt oder lackiert. Einzelne Arbeiten, wie der Einbau der Spanten, müssen noch ausgeführt werden. Ein Beispiel hierfür sind Modelle mit fertig bespannten Tragflächen, die Rümpfe sind eingefärbt, der Einbau sämtlicher Spanten und ähnliche Einbauten, müssen aber noch selbst erledigt werden.
  5. ARF (Almost Ready Fly)
    is an almost finished model in which only small gluing and assembly work or the RC and drive installation have to be carried out.
  6. ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly)
    is an „ARF-Model“ with built-in drive and/or servos.
  7. RTF (Ready To Fly)
    Is an "ARTF model" with built-in drive, servos, receiver and remote control. Usually our RTF kits also include drive battery and charger in a set. The model is ready to fly in the shortest possible time.
  8. Special descriptions of Horizon Hobby Products
    1. BNF (Bind-N-Fly):
      Models with a built-in motor, controller, receiver and servos, usually including battery and charger. Requires a spectrum remote control (sold separately).
    2. BNF Basic (Bind-N-Fly Basic):
      Has the same equipment like BNF, but without battery and charger.
    3. PNP (Plug-N-Play):
      Models with a built-in motor, controller, and servos. Needs receiver, transmitter, battery and charger to be ready to fly.
  9. Special descriptions of Graupner Products: RFH (Ready for HoTT)
    These Graupner models are ready to fly, have drive, speed regulator, servos, battery and HoTT receiver. After the BIND operation with the HoTT remote control, the model is ready to fly.


Mode 1 bis Mode 4

Remote controls for model making are sometimes delivered in different modes (also called stick mode). For many remote controls, these modes can be changed. The most popular mode is Mode 2, because here the throttle (or engine speed or pitch) is on the left stick and the steering is controlled by the right hand. Altogether there are 4 different common executions of the settings of a transmitter. The function throttle or engine speed (pitch in the model helicopter) is controlled by a non-self-neutralizing stick in each position.

Mode 1 bis 4 erklärt

All functions in comparison

Modell Airplane Modell Helicopter
Throttle (Engine Speed) Pitch
Aileron Roll
Elevator Nick
Rudder Heck (Gear)

Informations regarding the use of emobility devices


In every country the use of electric scooters, one or two wheels and electric skateboards are regulated differently. Each user is obligated to comply with the respective regulations and laws.

Please inform yourself in advance about the official and obligatory requirements that you will be given before you start using the product.

There is no guarantee for all information. Errors and omissions excepted.

1) Legal situation Austria

a. E-Scooter

i. E-scooters up to a speed of up to 25 km/h are considered electric bicycles. For this reason they can be used by all persons aged 12 years and over, (or with a bicycle license from 10 years onwards) on the road, as well as on cycle paths.

ii. E-scooters with a design speed of more than 25 km / h are subject to the same legal requirements as mopeds. The E-Scooter Egret TEN, One-S, E-Twow Booster S2 and E-Twow Master S2 (currently 28km/h) can only be used on private properties.

b. E-Skateboard, Hoverboards, One Wheeler, Twin Wheeler

i. The Austrian Road Traffic Regulations apply basic rules that must be observed for hoverboards, Segways, electric unicycles, e-scooters and electric longboards on public roads:

The following applies to skateboard, longboard and co: Use on the roadway is prohibited. In contrast to other means of transport, there is a fundamental danger that these devices will "take on a life of their own" if the rider jumps off or falls. This makes boards a danger both to people on foot and to vehicular traffic on the roadway. Therefore, their use on pavements will usually be considered illegal. On the other hand, the use of snake, skate and longboards is permitted in residential and play streets.

The following applies to electric skateboards: In Austria, an electric means of transport up to 25 km/h and less than 600 watts is considered an (electric) bicycle, with some restrictions and a lenient police force. Above 600 watts or 25 km/h, however, things get more complicated; the use of such devices can only be recommended on private property. With a device smaller than 600 watts, the cycle path is to be used and if this is not available, the carriageway. It is forbidden to use the pavement with any means of transport that is not a child's toy and that moves at walking speed, except for moving to and from the pavement.

2) Legal situation Germany

a. E-Scooter

i. At the moment, all e-scooters have no road registration and can only be used on private land; The failure can be punished and leads to points in Flensburg.

ii. This does not apply for e-scooter with number plate (=street license like moped)

Requirements for that (in Gernany):

1. Plate holder
2. Front and rear break
3. Light and break light
4. Two exterior mirrors
5. Bell or horn

b. One/Twin Wheeler

i. Same situation as e-scooter

c. E-Skateboard

i. Same situation as e-scooter

d. Right now, in Germany there is a revision of the current legal situation.

3) other countries
Please observe the valid legal situation.

This information is subject to change without notice and may be subject to change without notice (01.01.2021).






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