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15 - 25 Tricycle Electric Retracts

N. fabbr. EFLG230
N. articolo 87530

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15 - 25 Tricycle Electric Retracts

• Robust landing gear strut and mounting bracket
• Integrated electric motor with a micro PCB
• Built-in overcurrent protection
• Strut Diameter: 0.137 in (3.5mm)
• Aircraft Weight: 4.00 - 7.00 lb (1.80 - 3.10kg)

Add the realism of functioning retracts to your 15- to 25-sized airplanes. E-flite's completely self-contained retract systems require no air tanks, complex linkages, or even extra servos. They simply need to be bolted into place and plugged into the receiver. A specially designed Y-harness is also included, allowing pilots to use a single receiver channel to control all retract units.
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15 - 25 90 Degree Main Electric Retract Unit
AN 103995 N. fabbr.: EFLG20190
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€ 129.99
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